What kind of organisation is AnneGift Foundation ?

 AnneGift Foundation is an independent NGO (non-profit) registered in the
  United Kingdom.

Do NGOs have to pay for AnneGift Foundation's services?

 No. All AnnGift Foundation’s are 100% free of charge and are only available to
eligible NGOs, AnneGift Foundation is a non-profit making organization.

Who can join AnneGift Foundation?

AnneGift Foundation is only available to other non-profit, non governmental organizations conducting   humanitarian operations in accordance with the Red Cross Code of Conduct.

Can National/Local NGOs join AnneGift Foundation?

Yes, AnneGift Foundation is available to all humanitarian organisations, national or international. We welcome and encourage national NGOs to join and have special services such as training specifically dedicated to your needs.

Can I join AnneGift Foundation as an individual?

No, AnneGift Foundation is only available to organisations who determine the employees they want to register for our services.

How many members does AnneGift Foundation have?

AnneGift Foundation currently has more than 1,040 organisational members worldwide.

How does AnneGift Foundation decide where to work?

AnneGift Foundation only establishes safety platforms at the request of the NGOs operating in the country.

Will AnneGift Foundation work in any country?

We primarily work in areas designated as severe humanitarian crisis with some degree of active conflict/insecurity and a large humanitarian community. If you think there could be a need for AnneGift Foundation in the country where you are working please get in touch with us.

How do NGOs request AnneGift Foundation's support?

AnneGift Foundation just needs to receive a written letter of invitation from 6 – 10 NGOs operational in the country.

What are the benefits of an AnneGift Foundation platform?

There are many but in the main AnneGift Foundation improves inter-NGO information sharing and coordination which enhances situational awareness and enables humanitarian access.

Do NGOs have any say in what AnneGift Foundation does?

Yes. Each platform is overseen by a volunteer Advisory Board that works closely with AnneGift Foundation to decide on what services are needed in the context and then to monitor our performance.

How long does it take for AnneGift Foundation to start a platform?

Timelines vary significantly country to country depending on local registration requirements. The quickest so far has been 3 weeks the longest has been 6 months.

What is the difference between AnneGift Foundation and other field safety platforms?

AnneGift Foundation is an independent NGO that specialises in operating safety platforms. Other platforms are projects (with no legal personality) hosted by another operational NGO (hosted model) or embedded inside a coordination platform (embedded model).