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Gift Water...Give Life

HEALTH they say is WEALTH. Matele and Peter Kajola oniji Idose village, Imeko, Ogun state Nigeria are known to be hardworking farmers with vigor and resilience. Sadly, these 2 villages have not only been faced with safety concerns and endangered health, but also a perturb source of livelihood due to lack of clean water. Annegift Foundation is now helping over 5000 people in these villages to access drinkable water and not only reduce threat of infection but also improve their source of living.

Empowering 250 Imeko Imeko Women In-Business Startup

61% of the Nigerian Women's population suffer from intellectual poverty. Until now, an average woman of this own rely on the husband for virtually all role of home-up-keeping. The idea of a single unpredictable income translates into increased poverty and lack. This situation too means the woman suffering nil or low self esteem. We need you to help 250 women of Imeko community attain economic independence with idea of a second income to complement that of the husband earning below $5 a week

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