Farmers Training

Our nation has expanse of lands, suitable for cash and arable crops, lying fallow. Following the discovery of Petroleum, the nation has witnessed a regrettable exodus of people from the rural areas to the cities, in search of easy life, without a hope of gainful employment. The resultant effects are increased hunger, and spiralling rates of violent crimes.
We are committed to helping to bring back the sanity era of dignity of labour, through mechanised agrarian revolution. The old traditional methods of subsistence farming, using primitive methods, of hoes and cutlasses, will be discouraged.
The youths will be attracted, introducing mechanised method of agriculture, that is not only user-friendly, but promises better yields and bountiful harvests.
People from other professions, will be encouraged to partake, through investing in agriculture. We will reach out to all, especially those in the Diasporas, looking for worthy investments.
Towards this commission, AnneGift Foundation has had a foundation laid for an Agricultural Training School.
It is named AnneGift Training Centre for Farmers Empowerment and Food Security. The foundation laying ceremony was performed by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s Former Head of State. It is situated at Adafune Village, in Yewa Local Government of Ogun State, Nigeria.
The training centre will have satellite campuses, all over the nations, where communities welcome the dreams and visions of AnneGift Foundation,to cater for needs of those looking to carve a career in farming. One of the campuses has been earmarked for Imeko, to be built on a piece of 50 acres of land freely donated by Imeko Community.