We are all about that community who would have no voice without empowerment


Our Story

That terrific blow of carrying one’s adorable 4-year-old daughter, watching life ebbing out of her, was enough to break anyone. It was even enough to rubbish any voice heard, about getting ready to work tirelessly to cater to the needy, especially the youngsters of our nation, Nigeria, that failed leaderships, have abandoned at a price, little imagined.

I was detained, out of bureaucratic mix-ups. As a direct victim of immigration, the ordeals of people held in custody for immigration breaches or offenses, in the United Kingdom, came to be fully registered. As if that was not enough, I had to be excused out of custody, to be with my daughter, pretty Anne Adedoyin Odeyemi, then aged 4 years, confirmed by doctors to have just a few days to live. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour!

However, my experience in the time of immigration incarceration was all I needed to go through, for the vision to be dropped on my laps. I heard the Lord spoke to me, not once, but thrice, asking me to accept a ministry of caring for the abandoned, ignored and forsaken youths of our world.

I gained my freedom later, after several months in immigration detention. But by then, God has perfected the timing to recruit a hand to help champion a cause of remembering the needy, the hopeless and the voiceless of our society. The vision to reach out to the needy, especially of the rural areas, and the metropolis was born.

If we can empower youths to have gainful employment and empower the needy most especially in rural areas escape poverty, we will all make our countries a better place to live. And then the death of my daughter Anne would not be in vain, I believe!

Our Approach

We are structured to allow us to support communities that need us the most. Thus actively pursuing the goal of empowering rural communities, we are operating a comprehensive care system that guarantees sustainable means of livelihood. We collaborate and promote results that overcome obstacles in building a community. We do not rely on our answers only. Sometimes, villagers teach us how. By being attentive to them, we learn a new concept and innovative approaches that enable us to deliver solutions that are not only relevant but sustainable.

Why we invest in Youths

Nigeria has one of the largest populations of youths in the world, and a Nation’s youth strives its prosperity. We believe that for any Nation to develop, the youth must be first empowered, equipped, and liberated.

Why we invest in Communties

We believe that communities have endless opportunities for our society to recreate a better future. Indeed, the future of our society can only be as great as what we make of the communities today. More reason we are peculiar about their health, economy, and empowerment. Through this, we are breaking the reach of abject poverty, rescuing communities that would contribute immensely to the development of the nation and Africa at large. Together, we can touch more lives; we can be the hope for the hopeless.

Entrepreneurship. Health. Rehabilitation