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About AnneGift

AnneGift Foundation is a vision handed down to an individual, fortunate to be the main driver, Princess Aderonke Adelowo, a woman of small body frame, but highly loaded with passion for caring.
She heard the Lord spoke to her, not once, but thrice, asking her to accept a ministry of caring for the abandoned, ignored and forsaken youths of our world.
She is a carer by profession, with experience in the care of the elderly, those with learning and physical disability, and those with mental challenges. This she has been involved in for several decades now. She is the CEO of MoreCare Services, UK Limited, Alice-Adejumobi Farms Nigeria Limited and AnneGift Foundation.
She is kind to a fault. She is from a modest background of Christian and Muslim values. A mother of three, two males and a female, and happily married.

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However, her experience in time of immigration incarceration was all she needed to go through, for the vision to be dropped on her laps. As a direct victim of immigration, the ordeals of people held in custody for immigration breaches or offences, in the United Kingdom, came to her fully registered. She was detained, out of bureaucratic mix-ups, only to gain her freedom later, after several months in immigration detention.
But by then, God has perfected the timing to recruit a hand to help champion a cause of remembering the needy, the hopeless and the voiceless of our society. The vision to reach out to the needy, especially of the rural areas, and the metropolis, was born.
As if that was not enough, Princess Aderonke Adelowo, had to be excused out of custody, to be with her daughter, pretty Anne Adedoyin Odeyemi, then aged 4 years, confirmed by doctors to have just a few days to live. She was diagnosed with brain tumour!
That terrific blow of carrying one’s adorable 4 year old daughter in her hands, watching life ebbing out of her, was enough to break any one. It was even enough to rubbish any voice heard, about getting ready to work tirelessly to cater for the needy, especially the youngsters of our nation, that failed leaderships, have abandoned at a price, little imagined.
But this was the steel she needed to accept her calling and raring to go.
Since then, Princess Aderonke Adelowo, a native of Owu, Ogun State, Nigeria, has not looked back. To her, it is a commission that she felt truly honoured to have been chosen to anchor.