The health implications of shortages in the supply of water in Nigeria are massive. Because the percentage of people in the rural part of the country who have access to safe water is very small the direct health repercussions the situation imposes, especially on children, is often underestimated. Improving water supply infrastructure will help improve the social well-being of the entire population. We are providing drinkable water In remote places like Matele, Peter Kajola, Aseeri and Oniji Idose area of Imeko, Ogun state. We are also providing drinkable water in Oke-Iganmu community, Adafune village in Ilaro, Ogun state. This project's impact over 3000 villagers with sustainable income (Economic). Encourage agricultural production, increases the employment rate, improve children's growth and development (future security). This project will affect over 5000 lives in Imeko and Ilaro communities including school children. We continue to discover more communities in need and do more for them.


Nigeria has a population of about 200 million people. A large percentage of its population lives in extreme poverty in rural areas, without access to potable water and adequate healthcare.

Traditionally, Chloroquine was a common treatment for Malaria. However, with the increase in chloroquine-resistant malaria, additional methods of control must be employed. A multidimensional approach should be used in the control strategy, such as good management of clinical malaria, the use of insecticide-treated bed nets (ITBN), education and training programs in malaria prevention, vaccine research and the use of insecticide spraying such as DDT on breeding sites. It is also necessary to explore the use of indigenous natural mosquito repellant plant species. Pharmaceutical companies should study local anti-malarial herbs to determine their efficacy on malaria and effective and safe dosages should be found (Arrese Carrington, MD, MPH Harvard Health Policy Review)

We avail and educate rural communities on the usage of mosquito nets and necessary precautions to take to avoid being taken down by malaria. Many families find peace and healthiness using the net.