We are poised towards empowering youths with gainful employment and alleviating poverty in our society, through;

Entrepreneurship. Health. Education





Empowering youth with gainful employment.

At AnneGift foundation, we educate, empower and mind communities in vulnerable conditions. We empower our youths through various programs that focus mainly on using entrepreneurship, health, and rehabilitation to create substantial means of livelihood which in turn alleviates them from extreme hardship and poverty that hold them back.

We are committed to a cause: Provision of potable water to rural areas

We provide drinkable water In remote places, catering for the health and social well-being of our communities.


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Our Projects


We are training youths to practice modern farming techniques available at our farm settlement, Alice-Adejumobi Farms, in Ilaro, Ogun State. We have helped communities built farms and created structures that attract youths of these communities to participate in agriculture. With this, we hope to reduce unemployment, while engaging them positively and taking them off the street of crime. A well equipped agricultural training school, which will attract the best hands around the world to train youths from rural areas in self-sustenance and mechanized form of farming is our priority.

Empowering 250 Imeko Imeko Women In-Business Startup

An empowerment scheme in the rural community of Imeko, Ogun State, aimed at empowering 250 women. The project will help raise family income to substantial levels, from an average $5 weekly, and also help provide opportunities for reduced cases of domestic violence and discrimination against women.


The health implications of shortages in the supply of water in Nigeria are massive. Because the percentage of people in the rural part of the country who have access to safe water is very small the direct health repercussions the situation imposes, especially on children, is often underestimated.


We avail and educate rural communities on the usage of mosquito nets and necessary precautions to take to avoid being taken down by malaria. Many families find peace and healthiness using the net.

A poverty-free world where every person is treated with dignity and allowed to realize God-given potential in a peaceful society is our VISION